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Financial situation of the Hera Group

Net Financial Position (Euro / million)31 Dec 200631 Dec 2005
Cash on hand213,63189,10
Other current loans12,828,40
Current bank indebtedness-312,45-568,54
Current portion of non-current bank indebtedness-109,45-68,26
Other current loans-17,29-1,20
Financial liabilities from derivative instruments-2,28 
Due to financial leases coming due during the next financial year-9,48-9,80
Current financial indebtedness-450,95-647,80
Net current financial indebtedness-224,50-450,30
Non-current loans19,2453,40
Financial liabilities from derivative instruments0,043,41
Non-current bank indebtedness (long-term loans)-409,99-491,28
Bonds issued-497,56 
Other non-current loans-29,48-30,13
Financial liabilities from derivative instruments -19,20
Due to financial leases coming due after the next financial year-31,00-39,90
Non-current financial indebtedness-968,03-580,51
Net non-current financial indebtedness-948,76-523,70
Net financial indebtedness-1.173,26-974,00