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8 Personnel costs


The breakdown of personnel costs in the two accounting periods is as follows.

Wages and salaries208,077159,10848,969
Social security contributions70,04355,70614,337
Employee leaving indemnities9,5017,8031,698
Other costs8,9775,0223,955

The average number of employees in the periods in question, analysed by category, is as follows:

White-collar workers2,6062,228378
Blue-collar workers3,2792,688591

Overall the average pro-capita cost of labour for 2006 came to Euro 47 thousand, up by 6.8 % when compared with 2005.

As at 31 December 2006 the actual number of employees totalled 6,227; the increase with respect to the previous period amounts to 323, and is mainly due to consolidation of the Aspes Group.

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