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7 Costs for services


The breakdown is as follows.

Domestic usage (water, methane, heat and energy services7,4013,0384,363
Work and maintenance214,711166,10548,606
Energy transport and storage80,69164,94515,746
Cleaning and security5,0093,7491,260
Waste transportation, disposal and collection113,87990,22023,659
Announcements, advertising and disputes7,2295,9451,284
Technical, organization, legal and tax assistance consultancy28,59423,5435,051
Remuneration of Directors and Statutory Auditors4,9474,136811
Meter reading3,5803,634-54
Postal and telephone costs16,4019,7316,670
Recruitment, training and other staff costs9,2118,623588
IT and CED services19,36518,641724
Laboratory analyses2,4512,724-273
Bank fees and charges5,0572,9112,146
Fees paid to local authorities66,18358,2467,937
Rents and leases payable18,07213,3754,697
Fees payable5,1643,6591,505
Other 20,700 21,396-696

Comments on the changes in the main operating costs with respect to the previous year are included in the Directorsí report on operations.

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