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6 Use of raw materials and consumables (net of changes in inventories of raw materials and stock)


The breakdown is as follows.

Methane ready for sale and LPG net of inventory changes715,815522,147193,668
Income and charges from derivatives33,34391832,425
Fuel for heat generation3,8592,7611,098
Electricity ready for sale263,098171,37791,721
Maintenance materials: handling and spare parts net of change in stock53,90337,05716,846
Fuels and lubricants11,26510,607658
Methane for industrial use3,0153,424-409
Water for industrial use7461,169-423
Chemical products11,0538,5872,466
Consumables and sundry materials9,1487,6311,517

The analysis of the trend in costs for raw materials and consumables is presented in the Director’s Report on operations.

The considerable increase recorded under the item “income and charges from derivative contracts” is due to increased transactions in derivatives on commodities developed during the period.

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