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4 Revenues


The revenues for the year 2006 amounted to Euro 2,364,444 thousand. The breakdown is presented below.

Revenues from sales and services2,311,4501,730,723580,727
Change in inventories of work in progress, semi-finished and finished products53-3,0343,087
Change in contract work in progress2,6465,499-2,853
Other income and revenues50,29534,77115,524

As indicated in the Directors' Report, from 1 July 2006, revenues from gas sales implemented the criteria for determining sales tariffs indicated in resolution no. 134/06, though they are still under review by the competent administrative authorities, while they did not implement, in relation to the first half of 2006, the effects of the previous resolution no. 248/04, which was annulled by the Council of State.

The analysis of the sales performance by business sector is presented in the report on operations. The Group mainly operates in Italy.

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