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Income Statement

  Consolidated income statement (Euro / 000) Note31 Dec 200631 Dec 2005
Revenues 42.311.4501.730.723
Change in stock of finished goods and work in progress 2.6992.465
Other operating income550.29534.771
Use of raw materials and consumables
(net of change in stock of raw materials and stocks)
Costs for services7-642.544-515.415
Staff costs8 -296.598-227.639
Amortisation, depreciation and allocations -195.358-142.652
Other operating costs9-46.457-32.758
Capitalised costs9.bis194.516138.463
Operating profit  231.320178.387
Value write-back on tangible fixed assets10 15.518
Investee share of profit (loss) 11 4.313277
Financial income12 43.85833.638
Financial charges12 -100.244-74.102
Pre-tax profit  179.247153.718
Taxes for the period13-79.009-66.056
Profit for the year from discontinued operations   
Net profit for the year 100.23887.662
Attributable to:   
Shareholders of Parent Company 90.10580.346
Minority shareholders 10.1337.316
Earnings per share 13.1  
base  0,0890,096
diluted  0,089 0,096