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Top management statements

Tomaso Tommasi di Vignano

Tomaso Tommasi di Vignano, Group Chairman, said "The organic growth achieved by Hera, taking into account the more and more competitive environment and the events and conditions that affected negatively 2006 results, confirms once again the Group capability to maintain  the commitments taken with shareholders.
We are currently progressing in completing the new plants included in our business plan and in pursuing the Group upstream integration in order to guarantee a better competitiveness in the energy sector."


Breakdown by business

The importance of the Waste Management area increased and that of the Gas area decreased with regards to the contribution towards EBITDA. With regards to revenues, the percentage-related importance of the Energy segment dropped especially in relation to the consolidation of the Pesaro company which does not perform activities in this business area.



  • Sales: 2,311.5 million Euro (+ 10%)
  • Ebitda: 426.7 million Euro (+10,4 %)
  • Ebit: 231.3 million Euro (+7,2%)
  • Dividend: 8 Euro cents per share (+14,3%)
  • Audio conference of 26/3/07


multi-utility operating in Modena province

multi-utility operating in the Pesaro area of Italy

Geat Distribuzione Gas
responsible for the gas distribution network in the Riccione area of Italy

Rete elettrica Enel
Enel electricity distribution grid in Modena