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Business Sectors

The Group is active in over 180 municipalities in six provinces of Bologna, Rimini, Ravenna, Forlė - Cesena, Ferrara and Modena, serving a territory which covers approximately 70% of Emilia Romagna (a region with GDP and pro-capita consumption rates among the highest in Europe) and the northern part of the Marches region (via Aspes of Pesaro).

The multi-business nature of the Group's portfolio allows it to achieve a fair balance between services managed under "monopoly regimes" (such as the integrated water cycle, the collection and disposal of urban waste, the distribution of methane gas and electricity, the management of district heating) and services managed under "free competition" conditions (such as the sale of methane gas and electricity, the disposal of special and industrial waste and public lighting).

The complementary nature of these activities (given the market opportunities pursued with "multi-service" commercial proposals) favours the expansion of turnover and the creation of cost synergies and achievement of higher levels of efficiency.