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Relations with the Financial Market

Relations with the market operators were particularly intense (over 350 encounters held during 6 international road shows, visits at the Group premises and conferences organized by international brokers) so as to disclose the annual and interim results, as well as the 2006-2009 Industrial Plan. 

The Hera Investor Relations division maintained close contact with the institutional investors also via the website. The Investor Relations section, available on the website (www.gruppohera.it), has been enhanced so as to improve the availability of the information, dedicating specific sections to each of the main investor categories. Following the bond issue, a section for bondholders was created on the website, from which it is possible to consult the analysts’ studies, the information prospectus, the daily trends in bond listings and the ratings achieved (A+ from S&P’s and A1 from Moody’s).

The improvement made contributed towards promoting financial communication via the web among Italian “Best Practices” (acknowledged by means of promotion to 8th place in the annual Hallvarsson and Halvarsson classifications, compared with 26th place achieved last year).