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Hera on the Stock Exchange

During 2006, Hera stock recorded one of the best performances in the sector of listed former municipal enterprises, closing the year at € 3.31 per share with a rise of + 45.7%, beating the Mibtel (+ 18.3%), the Borsa Italiana Utility index (+ 11.2%) and DJ STOXX 600 Utility index (+ 35.6%) performances.

The trend in Hera listings was particularly favourable at the time of disclosure of the annual results (March-April) and the 2006-2009 Industrial Plan (September-October).

The stock disclosed a positive performance for the third year running, which led the price to nearly triple with respect to the listed price of € 1.25. This trend reflects the rise in the results over the last four years (among the highest in the related sector) and the ability to achieve and surpass the scheduled forecasts of the industrial plans.

During the 30 months prior to the end of 2006, Hera reported a Beta index of 0.54 which is classified among the best with respect to the local utility shares listed on the Italian market, indicating its low risk profile.

Hera Share Performance in 2006

Hera Share Performance in 2006